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* Indicates class where you are encouraged to bring your harp. 

rhythm and melodies [francois] *

Improvising, composing, and arranging have the same creative roots; the melody and harmonic rhythms that give music direction. Francois will examine the structure of music which will help you with these three components and their musical interpretation. 

psychology of performance [noa] *

Like elite athletes, musicians are beginning to engage in more "performance" practice - ways of practicing which involve mental skills training that leads to consistently awesome performances when it matters most. We'll explore several strategies that will help you perform up to your abilities in high-stakes auditions, competitions, and performances.

pedagogy [megan] *

Each new student can present an exciting array of possibility and sometimes, a few challenges. With a doctorate in Harp Performance, minor in Education, and full time studio, Megan will help you overcome obstacles with students of all ages and experience and help them thrive at the harp. 

ornamentation [sylvain] *

Ornamentation can be tricky at best and sloppy at worst. Listen to his Goldberg variations and you’ll know that Sylvain is the master of effortless, rhythmic ornaments. Grasshopper, meet your Master. 

new discoveries on lever harp [francois] *

Learn a limitless array of innovative techniques that will help you appreciate the lever harp's unique characteristics. Join Francois to experience a creative approach to the lever harp and break free from restrictive stereotypes.

masterclass [sylvain] 

Whether you are participating or observing, you will experience a new perspective on a variety of different repertoire. If you are interested in performing, let us know on your registration form. Space is limited.

market yourself [helen & Diana] 

Learn the best practices for publicizing yourself through a wide range of tools including traditional and contemporary marketing strategies. Marketing yourself properly is the best way to get gigs and have better experiences with potential clients. ​

innovation & Tradition [noa] *

Woody Allen said that "If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sure sign that you’re not trying anything very innovative." Of course, that's much easier said than done, so in this workshop we will delve into the psychology of fear, and acquire concrete, actionable strategies for becoming more courageous - both onstage and off. ​

harp maintenance [liza] 

Camac’s go-to technician, Liza Jensen, will lead a detailed, hands- on workshop on how to best care for your beloved (likely overworked) instrument. 

for the love of camac [liza] 

Have you ever wondered what makes a Camac harp different from Lyon & Healy or Salvi? Learn more about the innovative construction techniques and designs that Camac is using to change the game of harp making.

composing & collaboration [addi + jacq] *

One of a musician’s best resources for inspiration and creativity is collaborating with a colleague. Addi + Jacq will prepare you to meet the exciting challenges of partnering with other artists to create new sounds, repertoire and experiences. 

Authentic interpretation [sylvain] *

Using his skills as both a harpist and conductor, Sylvain will address the interpretation of historic, standard, and modern repertoire. He will guide you through performance practices that allow for creative interpretation while preserving authentic and accurate representation of the composer’s/ arranger’s specifications.